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Project Procrastination & End Panel Signage

August 23, 2019

As the summer (sadly) winds to a close, all the projects that have been put off now have to be completed quickly! Since our library renovation last year, we’ve been trying to figure out what we wanted to do for end panel signage in the stacks.

Many of our library staff members toured the Point Park Library in downtown Pittsburgh and fell in love with their chalkboard end panel signage, in addition to other interesting features of their space. So, we tried to think about a way that we could do something similar here. However, we didn’t seem to be able to find anyone with enough artistic talent to volunteer to do it.

Our Office Manager, Jayne, and I poured over library supply catalogs, signage websites, and other places trying to find sign holder options that were a little bit fancy but also affordable. We finally chose a sign holder and they arrived a month or so ago.

We then researched several options for hanging the signs so that we didn’t have to drill into the end panels. We tried command strips and heavy-duty Velcro. The heavy-duty Velcro seemed like the best option for us. So we went out and purchased enough Velcro to hang all of our signs and that sat for another week or so.

Then last week, one of our student workers cut the Velcro and applied it to the backs of the signs to make the hanging process a little easier.

Yesterday Jayne & I decided that we could not put this task off any further so we headed down to the stacks armed with a tape measure, pencil, and Clorox wipes. We cleaned the end panels then measured and hung all 60+ sign holders in a few hours. We both joked that we could skip our yoga class after all the bending and stretching we had done.

Now we just have to finalize the design for the inserts and print them so that they can be ready for the first day of school on Wednesday next week.

What projects have you accomplished this summer? And what projects have you let hang over you til the last minute?

Jayne Hanging Last End Panel Sign

Victory is ours! Here’s Jayne, hanging the last sign holder!!

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