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CRD Board

Click here to view the CRD Board member position descriptions.
Maggie Albro, Chair
  • STEM Librarian, Shippensburg University
  • contact: mhalbro “at” ship “dot” edu
Betsy E. Reichart, Vice Chair
  • Librarian and Instructor, Penn Foster Education
  • contact: reichart “dot” betsy “at” gmail “dot” com
Jill Hallam-Miller, Past Chair and Archivist
  • Interim Director of Research Services and Information Literacy, Bucknell University
  • contact: jbhm001 “at” bucknell “dot” edu
Bryan McGeary, Professional Development Funds Manager and PaLRaP Liaison
  • Information Literacy Librarian, Dickinson College
  • contact: mcgearyb “at” dickinson”dot” edu
Stephanie Sweeney Pennucci, Secretary
  • Education Librarian, Millersville University
  • contact: sweeney1342 “at” gmail “dot” com
Emily Lauren Mross, Publicity Coordinator
  • Business and Public Administration Librarian, Penn State Harrisburg
  • contact: elm43 “at” psu “dot” edu
Matthew McNelis, Social Media Coordinator
  • Public Services Librarian, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • contact: matthewmc1 “at” pcom “dot” edu
Andrew Marshall, Tech Coordinator
  • Reference & Instruction Librarian, Penn State Greater Allegheny
  • contact: adm135 “at” psu “dot” edu
Erin Burns, Connect & Communicate Liaison
  • Reference Librarian, Penn State Shenango
  • contact: emb28 “at” psu “dot” edu
Melissa Correll, Legislative Liaison
  • Librarian, Arcadia University
  • contact: correllm “at” arcadia “dot” edu
Kristin E. C. Green, Membership Liaison
  • Reference & Instruction Librarian, Penn State Scranton
  • contact: kristin “dot” green “at” psu “dot” edu
Christina Riehman-Murphy, Member at Large
  • Reference & Instruction Librarian, Penn State Abington
  • contact: cer20 “at” psu “dot” edu
Carrie Bishop, Member at Large
  • Distance Learning Librarian, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • contact: cbishop “at” iup “dot” edu
Jordana Shane, Member at Large
  • Instruction & Reference Services Coordinator, King’s College
  • contact: jordanashane “at” kings “dot” edu
Dana J. Kerrigan, Member at Large
  • Director of Library Services, Valley Forge Military Academy & College
  • contact: dkerrigan “at” vfmac “dot” edu
Emily Reed, Member at Large
  • Assistant Resources Librarian, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
  • contact: ereed “at” harrisburgu “dot” edu

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