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Recap: Technology in the Classroom Discussion

August 17, 2012

We are so pleased to see and hear that there is quite a bit of interest in the new Connect & Communicate Series of online programming! There were approximately 45* in attendance at Wednesday’s “Technology in the Classroom” discussion, which, frankly, is even more than we hoped!  We wanted to share the discussion notes (PDF) with all who were interested in a recap or links to some of the sites recommended, as well as share a few things we learned from this initial foray into hosting an online discussion:

  • Organize smaller groups to help facilitate discussion, either simultaneous breakouts reconvening at the end or offer multiple small group sessions at different times.
  • Narrow the focus–we probably had enough possible avenues for a semester’s worth of discussion, so continuing this discussion theme is a distinct possibility.
  • Enough with the niceties, get to the discussion! I hear you.

On Tuesday, September 11 from 11am-12pm, Kristen Yarmey will present on “Information Literacy in an Age of Algorithms.” We want to experiment with different kinds of online programs to achieve our goals, so Kristen’s presentation will be delivered in more of a traditional lecture format, with some time for comments and questions. Stay tuned for more, including program description and instructions for joining the session.

If you would like to be emailed directly about this and other upcoming Connect & Communicate Series events, you may provide us with your name and email address here: . (If you submitted previously, you are still on our list.)

Please continue to share your ideas for programming topics, speakers, or formats with us! We’re getting some great suggestions and themes are starting to emerge, but we could also use some more speaker names. If you or someone you know is doing something great in Pennsylvania’s academic libraries, tell us about it!


*Adobe Connect logins and calls were counted separately in the attendance that displayed on the screen, so individuals were counted twice in that total, but some locations also had groups sharing one connection.

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