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Digital Scholarship Conference Registration Open

August 18, 2017
Whether you attended the College & Research Division’s spring program in May, Digital Scholarship and the Academic Library, or not, you may be interested in attending this event, at which numerous librarians will be presenting.
Registration is now open for #BUDSC17, Bucknell University’s fourth annual Digital Scholarship ConferenceOctober 6th-8th. This year’s conference, “Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Evolution of Digital Scholarship,” will feature speakers with a range of interests and specializations, including faculty, educational technologists, librarians, and students.
We are happy to announce a keynote speaker for the conference: A.D Carson. His work focuses on race, literature, history, and rhetorical performances. His doctoral dissertation is a 34-song album titled Owning My Masters: The Rhetorics Of Rhymes & Revolutions.
The schedule along with travel and hotel information are now available on the conference website.  The conference sold out last year so we encourage those interested in attending to register early.
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