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C&C Series: “Fake” News Panel Discussion

August 10, 2017

“Fake” News Panel Discussion

August 24, 2017, 1 pm

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Panel will be led by Jeff Knapp, Emily Rimland, Hailley Fargo, Jose Guerrero, and Joel Bulkholder.

Based on an earlier discussion at Penn State, this panel will deliberate the “Fake News” term/phenomenon. It is a hot term in the aftermath of the most recent elections. But what does it mean? Is it really a binary of Fake/Non-Fake, or is there more to it than that? Jeff Knapp, the Foster Communications Librarian will attempt to deconstruct the term, and use some old-fashioned library classification skills to better understand it. He will then lead a discussion with the audience on ways we can better address this in our teaching, and Jose will discuss the “marketplace of ideas” that information literacy presumes. This conception disciplines individuals, normalizes fake news, and forecloses on the possibility of imagining alternatives to our current crises of legitimacy and authority.

Registration will be open to the first 50 participants. Zoom link will be sent 48 hours before the presentation is to begin.

Bios of our presenters:

Hailley Fargo is the Student Engagement Librarian at the Penn State Libraries. She spends a lot of time working with undergraduate students and trying to figure out how they use and think about information. In her free time, Hailley likes to roam Twitter and develop her own information seeking habits.  

Jose Guerrero is a Resident Librarian at the Pennsylvania State University. He received his B.A. in Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz and M.L.I.S. from Wayne State University, where he was a Project IDoL Fellow. Guerrero was also a 2016 IMLS-Rare Book School Fellow.”

Joel Burkholder is the Reference and Instruction Librarian at Penn State York. His primary research interest is the intersection between rhetoric and information literacy.

Emily Rimland is an Information Literacy Librarian and the Learning Technologies Coordinator at Penn State  University Park, where she enjoys providing instruction, reference, and outreach services to undergraduate students. Her research interests include pedagogical innovation and effective learning methodologies, the application of emerging technologies to library services, and instructional technologies.

Jeff Knapp is the Larry & Ellen Foster Communications Librarian, serving Penn State’s Bellisario College of Communications, the largest accredited mass communications program in the United States. In addition to library and information science, his academic background includes international politics and history, with professional experience in marketing communications. Jeff believes it is his professional responsibility to be interested in everything. His research interests involve the role of academic librarianship and potential futures for the profession in an ever-changing information environment.

Register here!

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