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JSTOR and Open Access

January 19, 2023

Researchers are typically very familiar with the JSTOR database. It has been an invaluable way for many years to get journal articles if your institution provides access. Staying true to its preservation commitment, JSTOR now includes a great deal of library-contributed Open Access material in their Open Community Collections.

JSTOR Community Collections include some that are very large, such as the Catholic News Archive from the Catholic Research Resources Alliance, and the South Asia Open Archives (SAOA).

Photographic collections include the nearly 20,000 photographs by one of Hip Hop’s most prolific and prominent photographers in the Ernie Paniccioli Photo Archive, and the early twentieth-century photographic survey of child labor in the Lewis Hine Collection.

It also has some highly specialized collections, like The Muhlenberg Family Papers, the Sports Research Center Collection from the Cleveland Public Library, and Civil Rights in a Northern City, which has digitized archival resources detailing the history of the modern civil rights movement in Philadelphia.

JSTOR’s commitment to openness extends to Independent Voices, a collection of alternative press newspapers, magazines, and journals published by Reveal Digital now openly available on JSTOR. A good example from this collection is American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside.

Thousands of Open Access ebooks from top scholarly publishers are available in JSTOR, as well as some in Spanish via a collaboration with El Colegio de México and a partnership with the Latin American Council of Social Sciences.

Articles in the public domain are accessible in JSTOR’s Early Journal Content collection.

More articles from nearly 2,000 journals also become available to you on a limited basis when you register for a personal account with JSTOR. 

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