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“It’s Academic” Bloggers Wanted!

November 11, 2020

The Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) College & Research Division (CRD) is looking for anyone interested in contributing to the CRD blog, It’s Academic. We welcome new and experienced bloggers, those who want to contribute frequently, or those who would rather only post once or twice a year. Contributing to the blog is a great way to get started writing about topics of interest to you, to call attention to worthwhile ideas, or to publicize important events.

What we’re looking for:

People to author blog posts on any topic relevant to college and research libraries (bonus points if it’s specific to Pennsylvania). We’ll put together a posting schedule (for the 2021 calendar year) that will let you know what weeks you’re responsible for posting to the blog. On your scheduled week, we’d like to have at least one new blog post by you go live (but you’re absolutely allowed to post more than once in the week if you want to).


Send an email to Alexander Kirby at Please include how frequently you would like to contribute to the blog (once a month, twice a semester, etc.) and any scheduling issues you foresee so we know when is/isn’t a good time to put you on the calendar. If you have any questions, include them in your email.

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