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PALS Sponsorship Opportunity

April 13, 2011

The PaLA College & Research Division (CRD) would like to announce plans to sponsor two academic librarians to attend PALS 2011 (PaLA Academy of Leadership Studies). Sponsorship will cover the costs of the program, lodging, and meals (transportation not included). Information on this year’s program as well as how to nominate a librarian are below. Self-nominations (applications) will be accepted.

The PaLA Academy of Leadership Studies will be held June 5-8, 2011 at the Sheraton Harrisburg/Hershey in Harrisburg, PA. We invite nominations and applications from academic librarians who have less than six years of experience and who have the potential to become the next generation of academic library leaders in the state of Pennsylvania. The CRD will pay for Academy registration for the two librarians chosen and will work closely with them as they continue to enhance their careers. Service to the sponsoring division (CRD) and PaLA as a whole is expected of all participants. Possible service opportunities may include: a survey of PA academic librarians or service on the CRD Board’s “tech team,” but creative ideas for how you can best serve the organization are welcome!

If you are interested in applying or in nominating someone to be sponsored by the CRD, please send the following by April 22, 2011 to Amy Deuink at

  • a letter of interest from the nominee/applicant indicating why they feel they would be a good candidate for PALS and how they would like to serve PaLA
  • a current resume from the nominee/applicant
  • a letter of support from the nominator indicating why they feel their nominee has leadership potential and should attend PALS; applicants should substitute a letter of reference from someone who can best speak to your leadership potential (professor, supervisor, employer, etc.)

Nominees must meet the following requirements:

  • Degreed Librarian (must the the degree before attending program)
  • 0-6 years experiences
  • Demonstrate leadership potential
  • Has leadership “spark”
  • Must be willing to provide service to PaLA and the profession after completing the program
  • PaLA membership is not required to apply or attend, but will be required upon graduation from the program

Attendees will be notified no later than May 2, 2011.

If you have any questions about CRD sponsorship, please feel free to contact Amy Deuink at If you have general questions about the leadership program, please contact Tina Hertel via

Link to PALS information:

Link to 2011 PAL nomination process:


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