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Program Reviews and the Library

November 13, 2018

For many years our librarians have participated in Program Reviews with our academic departments.  These are done approximately every five years.   At first we simply provided information about library resources that support the program.   However, our role has evolved so that we are fully functioning members of the committees.  Each committee always includes a faculty member from an unrelated department who can provide additional insights “from the outside looking in” and the librarians also function in a similar capacity. It has come to our attention that our level of involvement may be somewhat unusual. I encourage other librarians to consider increasing your involvement in program reviews.

As a full committee member I take on research about other areas of the review and assist in preparing the written report.  I also attend the sessions on the day that the external reviewer comes to campus.  After the site visit, I meet with the committee for follow-up and preparation of the executive summary.  Other committee members seem to value our skills and insights. Because I participate in so many different reviews (at least one per year and sometimes two or three), I can provide information to the committee based on my other experiences over the last twenty-two years.

This participation has increased support from faculty.   It has also given me greater understanding of each major so that information literacy initiatives can be improved.  After program reviews I have created additional LibGuides and usually receive more requests for information literacy sessions.  Although it takes a fair amount of time to serve on a program review committee, it is well worth the effort.


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