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SW PALA Proposal Request

March 16, 2017

The Southwest Chapter is seeking proposals for presentations at its Spring Workshop. The Workshop will be held on Friday, May 19, 2017 at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.

The theme for the workshop is, “Teens and Tweens: What they need form us and what we want from them.” Tweens are considered between the age of 10-12 and teens are 13-19. Interacting with them has an impact on all types of libraries. For school librarians, these students span the word between children’s and young resources as they learn how to access and process information. For public librarians, serving this group runs the gamut from collection development to programming. For academic librarians, how public and school librarians serve these groups determines how prepared for college work they are when they arrive as freshman. Presenters should consider how to meet the needs of this age group while presenting on best practices for bridging the transition from pre-adolescent – to teen – to adult.

Topics include:

  • Programming
  • Collection Development
  • Information Literacy (including how public libraries prep students for college)
  • How to identify local scholarship opportunities for students
  • Engaging teens in literacy activities
  • Teens and Technology

To submit a proposal use this link:

Contact Barbara Zaborowski with questions at

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