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Fall 2014 issue of Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice is now available online

November 13, 2014

The Fall 2014 issue of Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice (PaLRaP) is now online at

Articles include:

  • Pennsylvania Public Libraries and the Great Flood of 1936: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings (Bernadette Lear)
  •  Pennsylvania Academic Libraries and Student Retention and Graduation: A Preliminary Investigation with Confusing Results (Greg Crawford)
  • The Life Cycle of a PaLRaP Article and Other Updates (John Barnett & Tom Reinsfelder)
  • Perceptions of Value: A Story from One Pennsylvania Community (Linda Neyer)
  • Problem-Based Learning and Information Literacy: A Natural Partnership (Kate Wenger)
  • Capture All the URLs: First Steps in Web Archiving (Alexis Antracoli, Steven Duckworth, Judith Silva, Kristen Yarmey)
  • Weeding, Wine, and Cheese: Enticing Faculty to Cull a Collection (Judith Anne Koveleskie)
  • Noteworthy: News Briefs from PA Libraries (Linda Neyer & Larissa Gordon)

If you would like to comment on articles and/or receive individual email announcements for new issues, please register as a user at Also, when sharing articles via social media, please include our #palrap hashtag.

PaLRaP is an open access, peer reviewed publication sharing information about the research and practices at or of interest to Pennsylvania’s academic libraries. PaLRap is run by a volunteer staff of CRD members, each with two year terms in various journal management positions, and it is published by the University Library System (ULS), University of Pittsburgh, through its E-Journal Publishing Program.

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