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GSU e-Reserves Copyright/Fair Use Decision Overturned

October 20, 2014

On Friday the 11th Circuit Appeals Court overturned the Cambridge University Press, Oxford university Press, and Sage Publications versus Georgia State University ruling. Though the new ruling overturns a few of the fair use decisions made by the lower court, some library advocates have been blogging that the important rulings are still in place. If you are interested in reading further on this case and drawing your own conclusions about its implications for libraries, here is a brief current bibliography:

GSU Ruling — 17 October 2014

“Appeals Court Overturns Important Fair Use Win Concerning University ‘E-Reserves’ — But Potentially For Good Reasons” — TechDirt

“11th Circuit Rules on Georgia State Fair Use Case” — The Copyright Librarian

“A Win for Publishers” — Inside Higher Ed

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