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CRD Membership Survey – Professional Development

August 17, 2012

Note: Not everyone who responded to the CRD Membership Survey added comments.

Does your institution cover the cost of membership in professional organizations?

Only 23 people commented on this question. Half of them said yes with qualifications (membership in one organization only, MLS librarians only) or said either sometimes or partially. Three said no with qualifications (not for PaLA, may do so in the future); five were either not sure or didn’t know; and two had no Institutional affiliation (student, retiree).

Question 23 – Does your institution cover the cost of professional development such as conferences, workshops, and webinars, etc.?

There were 100 people who added a comment to this question, and 91% of them said that costs are covered…sometimes or in a limited amount. For a number of people the amount was only $100 or $200 per year–very small indeed! Some people noted that reimbursement for attendance was qualified, for example, only tenured faculty. One person said that at her library there is “competitive bidding for a fixed amount awarded from a capped professional development budget.” Many commented that the amount of money available currently is less than was available in previous years. One person said, “Only my time off is covered.”

Question 24 – How often do you attend programs, workshops or conferences arranged by PaLA, College & Research Division or any other PaLA units?

Only 33 people added a comment to this question and 70% (23) said that they have attended PaLA events. There were 4 new members plus 3 others who said that they plan to attend events in the future. One person said that she “used to” attend PaLA events, but “now attend other meetings instead.” One person complained that “there are not many programs on Tech Services topics.”

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