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How Fair Use Stole from the Grinch

December 12, 2017

Fair Use is a special blessing for education, art, commentary, review, parody, etc.  Recent NYT review for the Dr. Seuss inspired “Who’s Holiday!” work following the life of Cindy Lou Who, who then was not much older than two.  She growed up (

Matthew Lombardo was sued, by the Grinch, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, for stealing and with good reason as derivative works are very well protected, particularly for works of fiction (ask JK Rowling!).  But the courts did see a fair use exception and Matthew Lombardo won the case and for a fairly new reason – the work was considered transformative!  Interesting reading on other issues of copyright related to this case and apparent inconsistencies in determining whether fair use should/should not apply –


Nonfiction authors guide using Fair Use

December 7, 2017

New Guide available – Fair Use for NonFiction Authors

The guide addresses three common situations faced by nonfiction authors in which fair use may apply:

1) criticizing, discussing, or commenting on copyrighted material;

2) using copyrighted material to support a point made in the author’s work; and

3) using copyrighted material for non-consumptive research.  It also addresses the most frequently asked questions about fair use and clears up some common misconceptions about when it might apply.

Join CRD Board as a Member-at-Large

December 7, 2017

CRD Board is looking for two people to fill open member-at-large positions for the 2018 year. In order to view the job description for this role, please visit the following website and click to view the board member descriptions:

The Board meets monthly via the online meeting platform Zoom. There is one annual CRD workshop that board members are strongly encouraged to attend. The CRD also sponsors programs and a luncheon at the PaLA annual conference each year; again, board members are strongly encouraged to attend.

If you would like to be considered for a member-at-large position, please submit a letter of interest along with your resume or CV to You may also email Leslie with any questions about the position.

Human Libraries Session Now Available

December 5, 2017

The Connect & Communicate Series webinar Human Library at Franklin and Marshall Library is now available. Thank you to everyone who attended, and to our presenters, Meghan Kelley and Jennifer Buch.

The password to watch video is: palacrd

Unfortunately, due to the way that Vimeo is at the moment, we do not have the closed captions for this webinar. We are looking into solutions for this.

Thanks to the Connect & Communicate Team for an awesome job this year: Jill Hallam-Miller, Amy Snyder, Ryan Sittler, Diane Porterfield, Sara Pike, and Daniel Stafford. One of our team members has said they are leaving, if you wish to join us we would love to have another person on the team!

As always, if you have any ideas for a future session, please let Erin Burns know at

Thank you and have a great holiday season.

Podcasting Session Now Available

November 28, 2017

Podcasting with Natalie and Brian is now available at the following link:

It should open. If not, the browser may prompt you to download Adobe Connect. If you have downloaded and it is still not working, please choose a different browser (I had to do that this morning.) If you are still having issues, please let me ( or Carrie Bishop ( know.

Please also take the time to fill out the evaluation survey here:


Blog Contributors Wanted

November 20, 2017

Bloggers Wanted!

The Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) College & Research Division (CRD) is looking for those who are interested in contribution to the CRD blog, It’s Academic. We welcome new and experienced bloggers, as well as those who want to contribute frequently or those who would rather only post once or twice a year.

What we’re looking for:

People to author blog posts (of any length or format) on any topic relevant to college and research libraries (bonus points if it’s specific to Pennsylvania). We’ll put together a posting schedule (for the duration of 2018) that will let you know what weeks you’re responsible for posting to the blog. On your scheduled week, we’d like to have at least one new blog post by you go live (but you’re absolutely allowed to post more than once in the week if you want to).


Send a short email Maggie Albro at Please include how frequently you would like to contribute to the blog (once a month, twice a semester, etc.) and any scheduling issues you foresee so we know when is/isn’t a good time to put you on the calendar. If you have any questions, include them in your email.

Join Us! Human Libraries and a Day of Dialogue: The Franklin & Marshall Experience, Dec 1 at 2 pm

November 16, 2017

human_library_facebook.jpgHuman Libraries and a Day of Dialogue: The Franklin & Marshall Experience

with Jennifer Buch and Meghan Kelly

December 1, 2017, 2 pm, Zoom Session


Connect & Communicate Series

Register here!

Human Libraries are “designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue” ( On October 5th, 2016, Franklin & Marshall College hosted a Human Library in conjunction with F&M’s Day of Dialogue. The mission of Day of Dialogue is to create a space and time in which members of the F&M community could come together to explore and reinvent our community. Students, faculty, and staff volunteered to be the “books” in order to share their unique story with other members of the campus community who participated in the event as readers. It was our hope that by having a dialogue with a book, readers could challenge their own personal perceptions and further their sense of belonging within the F&M community. Learn about the planning, execution, and feedback received for this event.

Jennifer Buch is the Research Services Specialist at the Shadek-Fackenthal Library at Franklin & Marshall College. At the Shad Library, Jenn is the first contact in the Research Services and Interlibrary loan office, where she participates in research service, reference collection development and maintenance, social media, library marketing, and interlibrary loan. Ms. Buch received her undergraduate degree at Elizabethtown College and her Masters of Science in Library Science at Clarion University. In her spare time, you will find her volunteering at Warwick Little League in Lititz, PA, on their executive board as Information Officer & Marketing coordinator, entertaining her two crazy cats, traveling with her husband and son, or drinking coffee & reading!

Meghan Kelly is the Research & Emerging Technologies Librarian at Franklin & Marshall College. In addition to providing research services for students and serving as the liaison for a handful of departments on campus, she helps to maintain the library website, social media platforms, and their suite of Springshare products. Ms. Kelly received her MSLIS from the iSchool at Syracuse University.

Remember to register as we can allow only 50 people! Session will be recorded and made available via the CRD blog after the session is completed.