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New role: Supporting evidence synthesis projects as a hospital librarian

March 9, 2023

If someone had told me that three years ago that I would be working with clinical staff to help them support research in an effort to provide better clinical care, I would have not believed it would have been possible. However, here I am in the very beginning stages of learning how to better support clinical staff with their research. Little did I know that I would indeed be asked to support such rigorous and systematic processes as evidence-based synthesis research. In order to be in a place to help, I had to reach out for assistance with learning how to best do this. This blog post is a listing of resources that have helped me in me learning journey. I have to date, become more confident in my advanced searching abilities through these trainings  and have made some wonderful fellow librarian colleagues who are great support.

Happy Reading and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!


Networking and Learning  Opportunities

Medical library Association Caucus List servs

              Systematic Review, African American Library Alliance Discussion group, Evidence-based Practice

American Library Association – Interest Groups

              ALA Evidence Synthesis Interest Group

Training and Education

University of Minnesota Evidence Synthesis Institute

Duke University Evidence Based Practice training (freely available to view library guide but there is also a workshop)

University of Michigan Systematic Review Workshops

New York Medical College Critical Appraisal Institute

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