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Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference Call for Proposals

June 2, 2022

Bucknell University invites librarians and their colleagues to submit a proposal to present at this year’s digital scholarship conference. Please see the call for proposals below.

Converging Paths: Digital Scholarship, Social Justice, and Intersecting Communities

Digital scholarship has often been rooted in the academy, although many of our projects seek to uncover community histories, lives, and events. In this year’s Bucknell University Digital Scholarship Conference (October 18-20, 2022; the event will be fully virtual), we seek to address the question: What are the paths through which digital scholarship intersects with communities and social justice?

The questions we pose to participants as jumping off points for proposals include, but are not limited to:

  • How does digital scholarship help us challenge dominant narratives and ideologies? 
  • Whose voices can be elevated, uncovered, and reclaimed through digital scholarship?
  • How do we bridge the gap and promote engagement between the academy and community through digital scholarship?
  • What does it mean to collaborate on and produce digital scholarship projects with communities beyond our own, and what ethical responsibilities do we share?
  • How can we learn from and build on our experiences to sustain digital scholarship projects?

#BUDSC22 is committed to expanding the definition of digital scholarship to be more inclusive across diverse communities, both inside and outside of academia. The conference will bring together a broad community of practitioners — faculty, researchers, students, librarians, educational technologists, administrators, and others — collaborating on digital scholarship through research, teaching, and community engagement.

Submissions may take the form of interactive presentations, project demonstrations, digital posters (pre-recorded), panel presentations, work-in-progress sessions, workshops, or other creative formats.

We look forward to building on the success of our past conferences, in which we came together to discuss challenges, share working models, reflect on projects, and inspire new avenues for actively including students in scholarly pursuits. Want to learn more? Check out video highlights from our past conferences or search our archived sessions.

Submission Link:

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2022

Notification By: August 15, 2022

Conference Website:

Questions? Please contact the BUDSC planning committee at: 

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