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Creating a Library App

March 1, 2022

A few years ago my library investigated the possibility of creating an app.  We hoped to create an app that enabled access to key library resources like our databases, the catalog, ebooks, and our contact information.  We reached out to several app developers that specialized in libraries, but the high cost of these solutions prevented us from moving forward. 

Eventually we stumbled upon the app developer Goodbarber. Goodbarber lets you create an app without the need to code the app from scratch.  By using their visual interface you design your app, then add your own links, text, and images.  The process is not unlike using WordPress or a similar tool to make a website.   When you are done, you can use guides created by Goodbarber to submit your app to the Apple and Google app stores.   It’s a technical process that does require some knowhow but it’s doable for a determined tech savvy person. The process entails that you create a Google Developer Account ($100 one time fee) and an Apple Developer Account ($100 yearly).  The yearly costs for Goodbarber are less than $600.  Which is a fraction of the cost of most app creation options.  You can see their pricing here –   Our app can be seen here –

If anyone is curious about using this process to create an app please let me know.

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