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Online Course in OER Librarianship

March 24, 2021

Like many librarians I’ve been more and more involved in the world of Open Educational Resources (OER) over the last few years.  OER became prominent in libraries well after I had finished my MLS, so my education in OER has been somewhat scattershot. I’ve read articles here and there or watched a webinar on the topic without ever studying the subject in a thorough organized way.  However, recently I had the opportunity to begin the Certificate in OER Librarianship course created by the Open Education Network (formerly the Open Textbook Network).  I’m about halfway through the course and I’ve learned a lot so far.  It’s been great to study the evolution of OER over time, learn about OER initiatives, hear from other librarians about how OER is progressing at their colleges, and develop plans for what I can do to foster OER at my institution.   It’s also been nice to get a reminder of what online students experience every day.  It’s easy to forget how much it takes to learn a new LMS, track deadlines, understand assignments, and all the other things that are part of taking an online class.

So, for anyone new to the world of OER and looking for a great introduction, I highly recommend the Certificate in OER Librarianship by the Open Education Network.  Here is a link to their website with more information on the course  –

If you have any questions about the class please reach out to me at  Now I really have to stop blogging for today – I’ve got homework due!

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