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Affordable Learning Pennsylvania Eastern Regional OER Workshop Day

February 24, 2020

This is a reminder that there is still time to register for next Friday’s AL (Affordable Learning) Pa Eastern Regional OER Workshop Day for those of you on this side of the state! I am sharing with you an email from Bill Hemmig, the Dean of Learning Resources and Online Learning at Bucks County Community College:

Affordable Learning PA invites you to attend an Eastern Pennsylvania Regional OER Workshop Day hosted by Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania, on Friday, March 6 (the last day of Open Education Week!).  Organized by the Affordable Learning PA OER Specialists from Bucks County Community College and Kutztown University, the Workshop Day is free, including registration, beverages and lunch, and features speakers from the Eastern PA region and beyond. If you cannot make the trip to Bucks, attendance via Zoom will be available.

Please register for either in-person or virtual attendance here:  The registration deadline is Friday, February 28.

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone at your institution who may be interested in attending.

Bill Hemmig and Dan Stafford

Workshop Day organizers

Here is Bill’s contact information:

Bill Hemmig
Dean, Learning Resources and Online Learning
Bucks County Community College
275 Swamp Road
Newtown, PA 18940

Here is the schedule. Anyone planning on going?

9:30 AM: Check-in. Beverages to be served.

10:00 AM: Welcome

10:10 AM: Andrew Mashintonio, Regina Hierholzer & Judi Lehrhaupt |
Kutztown University, Bucks County Community College
OER Adoption: Three Faculty Perspectives
Using OER in an Introductory Biology Course for Non-Majors
Dr. Mashintonio will discuss the benefits and challenges experienced when adopting the OpenStax Biology textbook.
Adopting Multiple Open Resources
Our session is about the challenges of creating an OER course when adopting resources from several different sources. Come and listen to the viewpoint of a faculty OER course developer and an instructional designer when working together to develop an AESL course. You’ll learn that there are several different supporting roles that you need to reach out to in your institution to make the course a success.

10:40 AM: Shanna Hollich | Wilson College
A Deep Dive into CC Licensing
You’ve worked with open resources, you’ve created some of your own, and you’ve read a bit about the different CC licenses and probably even used some of them on your own work. Here we provide a forum to get answers to your more advanced questions about open licensing, adaptations and remixes, and license compatibility, from someone who teaches the Creative Commons Certificate courses.

11:20 AM: Break

11:30 AM: Emma Horst-Martz | PennPIRG
Mobilizing Students on Your Campus
A campus organizer at UC Santa Barbara last year, Emma will speak about her experiences working with students on OER advocacy in depth.

12:00 PM: Lunch

1:00 PM: Free group discussions

1:30 PM: Dan Stafford, Bill Hemmig & Steven Bell, Moderated by Kate Cummings |
Kutztown University, Bucks County Community College, Temple University,
Luzerne County Community College
Panel on Sustainability and Strategic Planning
Dan Stafford will speak about tactics used to go from the question “Excuse me, but what does OER stand for?” to having a core and growing group of OER enthusiasts and supporters. Engagement techniques for specific audiences, the timing of those engagements, and successes and challenges along the way will be discussed.

In 2018 Bucks completed its first OER initiative, a grant-funded program that redesigned sections of high-enrollment courses to use only resources that are free to students. Following this successful initiative, a three-part plan was implemented to sustain and grow the momentum that includes intensive professional development, a budget and process for continuing to select and fund course redesigns, and a process for the continued curation of OER course templates.

Steven Bell will describe how he and his colleagues used a ‘Textbook Listening Tour’ to better understand their faculty textbook behavior where the emphasis was on listening rather than selling faculty on OER. The resulting report enabled librarians to obtain the Provost’s support in establishing an institution-wide textbook affordability taskforce designed to support a sustainable campus-wide approach to affordable learning materials.

2:20 PM: Break

2:30 PM: Jill Hallam-Miller | Bucknell University
Open Pedagogy: A Primer
Learn techniques of Open Pedagogy to empower student learning through the act of creation. Let the students play an active role.

3:00 PM: Farewell

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