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Get ready for APA 7th Edition!

January 7, 2020

7th Edition

The American Psychological Association announced in October that they have finalized a new edition of APA Style.  This update has some changes that will benefit students.  Especially some simplifications to cover pages and citations .  Here are some changes to be aware of:

  • The cover page has changed drastically. The running head is gone!  There is an example of a student cover page here.
  • Book citations no longer require the location a book was published.
  • There are several grammar changes listed on the APA Grammar and Usage page.

The APA doesn’t have a comprehensive list of all the changes but those are a few I was able to identify.  Has anyone else noticed others?  The APA Style Blog has a some excellent resources to help librarians transition to teaching the new edition in their Instructional Aids area.  Any information literacy librarian will want to keep those on hand.  The APA 7th Edition Style Manual has been out of stock at many book sellers so these online guides might be the only resources available for the next few months.

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