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CRD Discussion: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, December 9, 2019 at 12pm

October 17, 2019

CRD is doing something different this year. If you attended the PaLA Annual Conference, at the CRD Luncheon were copies of White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.

Robin has many videos on YouTube about deconstructing white privilege and discussing the book.

white fragility.jpg

As we announced the luncheon, there was some confusion about the time and date. This discussion will take place on December 9 at 12pm.

If you were unable to pick up a copy, there are plenty in PALCI that we can borrow from, or can borrow from each other before the discussion. We do NOT have any more copies to give out at this time.

If someone is familiar with the book and would like to lead the discussion, please let us know.

In the meantime, we have a link here for the Zoom registration, which will be sent out closer to the event. Click here to register for Zoom link.

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