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BUDSC19 Call for Proposals

May 2, 2019

If you are involved with digital scholarship–supporting students or faculty with their digital scholarship, or doing your own thing–consider submitting a proposal! Some of the most popular BUDSC sessions in past years have been librarian presentations. The details are below…

Bucknell University will host its sixth annual digital scholarship conference #BUDSC19 from October 11th-13th, 2019. The theme of the conference is “From Wonder to Action: the Journey of Digital Scholarship.

#BUDSC19 is committed to expanding the definition of digital scholarship to be more inclusive across diverse communities, both inside and outside of academia. The conference will bring together a broad community of practitioners–faculty, researchers, librarians, artists, educational technologists, students, administrators, and others–engaged in digital scholarship both in research and teaching who share an interest in the journey of digital scholarship.

This year, we are inviting proposals that include (but are not limited to):

  • Exciting new ideas, projects, or technologies that spark the imagination,
  • Activity flows that transform the spark into action,
  • Stories about how you share the wonder.

The Call for Proposals can be found online at

More information on the call can be found here:

More details on conference registration will be coming soon!

Feel free to reach out to Jill Hallam-Miller at jbhm001@bucknell if you have questions.

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