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Finding New Followers

February 22, 2019

Finding New Followers_.pngDo you ever feel like you post things to social media and no one cares? Sure your core audience saw it (may the algorithms forever be in your favor), but only a few liked it. Then that post you worked really hard on with great photography and awesome hashtags falls flat with only a few likes. You are not alone.

So how do you raise your profile in a professional, but fun way? Short answer… it’s a work in progress. Our team has been specifically looking at how to grow our audience and up our views and likes on Instagram since this is the most popular platform for our audience.

Are we using Adobe Lightroom? No. Are we doing paid advertising on Instagram to promote ourselves. We wish. Are we cross promoting our Instagram on other platforms? Check. Although, we should do it again and more regularly.

Are we promoting all our social media via email marketing? Finally… we’ve started to email students directly (with lots of help from our awesome campus Marketing and Communications department).

Are we doing Instagram stories? Yes! This is our new focus and we hope it pays off. As the spring semester continues we will be doing different stories and a series called “Senior Spotlight” featuring all our graduating senior student workers in a Q. & A. session. Our first Insta-story was live a week ago and got 131 views. We will hopefully complete at six or more before the end of the semester.

The library’s social media committee student contributors are leading the way this initiative and we as staff are following. ;) Here’s hoping new audiences do the same.

Photo credits in order of appearance:

  • Lebanon Valley College. “Lebanon Valley College Library” Box Collection, Lebanon Valley College Archives Photograph Collection, circa 1960, Annville, PA.

  • Kristich, Bethany. “Senior Spotlight: Cheyenne Troxell!” Instagram, 2019, 


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