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On the Air

August 23, 2018

On the AirAre you a videographer? I’m not, and I will never claim to be one. Someday soon a masters in library science may require this, but until then I muddle along. As a librarian working in the realm of social media and outreach, I know video catches attention and generates buzz, but who has the time or the budget.

I have organized and conducted interviews for formal shoots while working with the college’s Marketing & Communications and Audio Visual Technology departments to create library videos. These videos promoted library space and faculty authors. These formal shoots were time consuming. They required a great deal of work and preparation and heck I didn’t even do the actual shooting or editing.

In an effort to fill the gap between professional and good-enough at our library, we have employed the app Boomerang. The app shoots a burst of 10 photos and turns them into a mini video. We have used it (upon the recommendation of a library staff member) over the last three years with increased success to promote a number of things including, but not limited to: displays, craft events, college-wide admission events, our in-house coffee shop, stress relief, and our collections. These super short videos have often generated more views and interaction than those professionally produced.

I’m a creature of habit and often stick with what I know because I’m buried with so many projects, so Boomerang is used often. However, I’m open to new things that payoff with our audiences and save staff time. With the new school year almost here, I’m curious about what apps and video tricks your libraries are using. I would love to hear from other librarians on this subject.  

(Photo credit: Lebanon Valley College. “Lebanon Valley College-College on Air,” Faculty-Activities, C4, 2015.04.84, Lebanon Valley College Archives Photograph Collection, 1959-1960, Annville, PA).

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