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We Should Envision Innovative Initiatives as a Horizon for Our Libraries

August 17, 2018

EDUCAUSE has taken on the challenge of producing the annual Horizon Reports, which have for many years shed light on the trends, challenges, and technology developments likely to have an impact on academic libraries and Higher Ed.

• A plan has been announced by EDUCAUSE on welcoming the NMC community, preserving its assets, and beyond:

• EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) has already archived past reports:

David Thomas, Director of Academic Technology, University of Colorado Denver described himself in a recent Webinar as “an avid reader of the Horizon Report.” In that same Webinar he proclaimed, “I got excited about the report being published and this is my chance to learn and find out what innovations stick, what innovations work and test myself to innovate in my area.” Thomas went on to say, “We do need to think about innovation as that front, that kind of moving front between new stuff and future practice and help people cross that divide”

Three exemplar projects from the 2018 Horizon Report were discussed in the same August 9, 2018 EDUCAUSE Live! Webinar.

• Social Online Universal Learning (SOUL):

• Paramedic VR Training Experience:

• X-Labs:

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