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C&CS Upcoming Session: IF I APPLY: Updated CRAAP Test for Evaluating Sources

February 2, 2018

The Connect & Communicate Series presents

IF I APPLY: Updated CRAAP Test for Evaluating Sources

Presenters: Kat Phillips, Sabrina Thomas and Eryn Roles

February 16th, Friday, 1pm– on Zoom!

Register here!

Evaluating sources for credibility is the first step to healthy civic learning. Traditionally, systematic source evaluation remained focused on source content with the most notable example, the CRAAP Test. Kat Phillips, Sabrina Thomas and Eryn Roles have consistently recognized that twenty-first century source evaluation must begin reflectively. First, the researcher must take personal inventory on one’s emotions attached to the investigative topic. Often, the open internet is a place to find hyperpartisan information that does not correctly reflect fact. In this session, we will provide a new simple acronym to foster intellectual integrity during inquiry thinking. The IF I APPLY test is a fresh way to introduce students to source evaluation in order to encourage lifelong learning.

Join Kat, Eryn and Sabrina as they discuss their successes & next steps learned from this semester.

profile picture Kat Phillips

Kat Phillips

Kat Phillips is the Nursing & Allied Health Liaison Librarian at Penn State University.She works closely with both the College of Nursing and the Health & Policy Administration department faculty in curriculum development, information literacy standard integration for individual classes and assignments, and embedded librarian services for distance classes.  She is involved with both the Pennsylvania Library Association and the West Virginia Library association, serving on several committees between each, and is also active in other regional and national associations.




Sabrina Thomas

Sabrina Thomas is an instruction and research librarian for Marshall University. She is currently the library liaison for Art and Design, Communications, and Women’s Studies.  Sabrina teaches in multiple capacities from online eight week courses, embedded, and one-shot classes.  She is passionate about empowering students through teaching source evaluation and promoting digital citizenship. Currently, her research focuses on coordinating efforts on information literacy instruction in public libraries, K-12 schools and community groups in order to combat viral misinformation.



ERoles7Eryn Roles is a research and instruction librarian at Marshall University in Huntington,WV. Currently she is the library liaison for English and Appalachian Studies and serves as a mentor for students in their first years at MU. She also serves on many association committees including the steering committee for the Appalachian Studies Association and the membership committee for the West Virginia/Western Pennsylvania chapter of ACRL. She, along with Kat Phillips and Sabrina Thomas, co-founded the WV LIRT.



Remember, C&CS is an online gathering of librarians for us to connect about our projects. We have a interest in hearing from you! Please let us know if you have an idea for a program!

Links to the sessions will be sent out 48 hours before the scheduled time.


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