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What is Your Library Doing for Endangered Data Week?

January 25, 2018



February 26 – March 2 is Endangered Data Week with the aim of “raising awareness of threats to publicly available data; exploring the power dynamics of data creation, sharing, and retention; and teaching ways to make endangered data more accessible and secure.”

These lofty goals may seem overwhelming for many academic libraries.  Don’t let that stop you from taking action on your campus. You might not be in a position to undertake a huge effort, but there are probably steps we can take to raise awareness.  Start with the known concerns of your faculty and students, pair those with your library’s strengths, and go from there.

At Bucknell, we are focusing on the census for Endangered Data Week.  We will be hosting a panel discussion about how faculty use census data in their teaching and research. Since we are a Federal Depository Library, we will be creating a book display to highlight the value of the historical census volumes in our collection.  There is also a group of faculty and staff reading and discussing The American Census: A Social History written by Margo Anderson, a Bucknell alum.

Over to you. What might your Library do to raise awareness of endangered data?

Learn more about Endangered Data Week at

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