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Diversity: Why is Diversity in Collection Development so Vital? Part One

January 19, 2018

Due to the continuous changing environment, diverse collection development has become an essential part of academic libraries. Library materials should promote awareness on diverse social issues and not exclude material that seems offensive. A diverse collection should also reflect all perspectives and ideas and include controversial material such as political content, economic theory, religious beliefs, social philosophies, sexual content and expression, and other potentially debated topics.

Collections such as these enhance cultural knowledge within society that provide a welcoming learning environment. It is uncomfortable for a patron to enter a library and find there is limited or no resources available to them regarding their ethnicity. If libraries are going to represent themselves as providing academic services to students then they should recognize academic needs amidst multicultural groups.

Libraries must have a clear view of what diversity means to the library’s collection whether it is economics, political, religious, minority, social, or sexual issues before beginning a collection assessment. Diversity in the collections also helps to broaden student’s awareness of the world!

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