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#1LIB1REF Campaign Offers Opportunity for Librarians to Improve Wikipedia

January 16, 2018

As librarians, we all have an opinion, perhaps even a strong one, regarding Wikipedia. Whether you love, hate, or hold some middling attitude toward this ubiquitous resource, the next two weeks provide a great opportunity to improve the site.

Wikipedia’s #1LIB1REF campaign, in which librarians contribute needed citations to the site, runs this January 15th through February 3rd.

If you have ever lamented the lack of a Wikipedia citation, or the poor quality of an existing one, now is your chance to step up and add some serious scholarship to a page on a favorite topic. If you do not have a page in mind, think locally. Why not add a citation to a Wikipedia page on a famous Pennsylvanian, perhaps one from your own hometown? Or, consider doing the same for the entry on a historical event or location in our state.

Something so worthwhile is rarely this easy and fun. To learn more about the campaign and how to contribute a citation, click here.

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