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Advocacy for Lifelong Learning

January 11, 2018

We often hear the term “lifelong learning” when talking about the use of library resources, but at Seton Hill University, we actively promote the use of other libraries. We have reciprocity with three local colleges and also have a LibGuide for Pennsylvania Library Resources.

This is the introduction to the guide:

Reeves Memorial Library provides thousands of resources for you.   So you may wonder why we would promote the use of public libraries.  There are several reasons for this:

  1.  Although we have an extensive collection, you will sometimes find additional items in publicly available libraries.
    2.  Public libraries in Pennsylvania offer access to additional databases and other online resources that are not available at Reeves. 
    3.  When students leave Seton Hill, we want them to know what resources are available for the public so that they will be lifelong learners.

We then have pages in the Guide for Westmoreland Library Network (our county system), Overdrive, Power Library, Penn State Libraries, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, State Library of Pennsylvania, and Other Libraries. The Other Libraries page has links to libraries in the surrounding counties, where commuter students may reside, as well as the Free Library of Philadelphia.

This has been especially helpful for older adult students who may come to campus only once a week.   Many are returning to school after many years in the workforce and are delighted to find access to hard copy materials closer to where they live and online resources that supplement what they find on our website.  In addition, as the number of online programs grows, our students may reside anywhere in the world, so we will be expanding our guides to help them find what they need wherever they are.

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  1. smartin592 permalink
    January 15, 2018 10:09 pm

    This is very cool – our public library is literally a block away and we do send students there when they’re looking for popular fiction, video games, DVD, etc. But I like your focus on preparing them for what will be available once they leave college.

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