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2018 CRD Candidates

June 21, 2017

CRD members, you will soon be receiving ballots from PaLA to vote for the vice chair/chair elect and LSTA manager for 2018. Learn more about our candidates below.


LSTA Manager

Bryan McGeary

I first recognized the importance of involvement in PaLA while I was in library school at the University of Pittsburgh, and despite the fact that I am now employed in a neighboring state, I still consider it highly worthwhile to maintain my ties with Pennsylvania librarians. As LSTA Manager, I have witnessed the impact that CRD has on furthering the professional development of librarians throughout Pennsylvania. LSTA funding makes it possible to produce workshops and other programs that meaningfully contribute to their continuing education and development as professionals. I wish to do my part to see that CRD continues to provide such significant opportunities for librarians.

Bryan McGeary is the Subject Librarian for the Humanities at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where his liaison responsibilities include OU’s departments of Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Philosophy as well as University College (i.e. first-year experience) and Honors Tutorial College. He previously worked for the University of Pittsburgh’s University Library System. He has been CRD’s LSTA Manager since 2016 and a member of PaLA since 2014. He is also news editor for Pennsylvania Libraries: Research & Practice. Bryan earned a Ph.D. in American Culture Studies from Bowling Green State University, an MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh, an M.S. in Journalism from Ohio University, and a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  

Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Melissa Correll

In these uncertain times, the work we do as academic librarians is absolutely essential. Regardless of our positions in our library systems, we share a mission to help our students develop their abilities to critically engage with the information ecosystem and add their own voices and educated opinions to the conversations on the topics they care about. I am running for Vice Chair/Chair Elect because I care about the Pennsylvania Library Association and the College & Research Division, and I want to do my part to serve the organization. The programming and professional development opportunities that CRD provides can help Pennsylvania’s academic librarians achieve their professional goals and improve services in their own libraries, and I would be honored to help CRD maximize our impact across the state.

Melissa Correll is Assistant Professor and Information Literacy and Instruction Librarian at Arcadia University’s Landman Library, a post she has held since June of 2016. From 2013-106, She served as Instructional Services Librarian, Coordinator of Information Literacy and Outreach at Lycoming College’s Snowden Library. Melissa is a member of the PALS graduating class of 2015, and has served on the College & Research Division board ever since, in 2016 as a Member at Large, and as Legislative Liaison in 2017. She earned her MSLIS form Drexel University in 2013.


Maggie Savidakis-Dunn


I am an academic librarian who is passionate about serving students, faculty, and my colleagues.  I believe academic librarians have the power to change and enrich students’ lives and college experiences.  As funding for institutions of higher education and for libraries has been decreased and as new funding conversations happen every day, I believe now, more than ever, academic librarians need to think out of the box, engage with our patrons, and demonstrate the very essence of what has called us to our profession in the first place.


In my experience, first as a library specialist and now as the STEM librarian at Shippensburg University, I have worked closely with students and faculty to ease the barriers between the library and the sciences, embracing new services and strategies to widen the appeal of the library to less traditional audiences.  In my interactions with students I have seen the impact a positive library experience can have on a student’s academic experience, and these have increased my drive to ensure the necessary support is available to librarians who are affecting the lives of students and faculty every day.


During my first year working in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing librarians on the Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) College & Research Division (CRD).  Working as part of the CRD board, I have seen the dedication of the members of PaLA’s CRD and have observed the opportunities and value it provides to its members.  I would be honored to serve the College & Research Division as vice chair and to provide support and leadership to a group who has given me an opportunity engage in direction college libraries will take move toward in the future.  



A Pennsylvania Library Association (PaLA) and College and Research Division (CRD) member for just under a year, Maggie Savidakis-Dunn has served on the CRD Board since January 2017, moving from a Member at Large to the Social Media Coordinator in March. In addition to serving on the CRD Board, Maggie begins her tenure as a member of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) College Libraries Section Communications and Membership Committee and as a member of the ACRL Science and Technology Section College Science Librarians Discussion Group in July of this year. On her campus, Maggie is the Faculty Social Media Coordinator for the Council on Student Research and Creative Activities. This summer, Maggie will be attending PaLA’s Academy of Leadership Studies.


Maggie received her undergraduate degree in Food Science from Clemson University in 2013. In 2015, she graduated with her MLIS from the University of South Carolina. This past August she came on board as the STEM Librarian at Shippensburg University. She is currently in the process of obtaining a master’s degree in biology from Shippensburg University.

Maggie’s interests lie in student research, data visualization and management, library services for the sciences, and advocating for the many roles college and university libraries can play throughout their campuses.

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