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CRD- PALA : 2 Candidates for Vice Chair & 1 for Secretary. Please see below!

June 15, 2016


Hello!  We have two candidates for Vice Chair, and one for Secretary. Please see below!

Vice Chair/Chair Elect

Erin Burns

Candidate Statement:  “I have been a member of CRD since I joined PaLA when I was hired by Penn State University in 2008. I have a unique perspective, as I have worked at both ends of Pennsylvania during my time at Penn State, at both the Wilkes-Barre campus and the Shenango campus. Currently, I serve as the membership liaison for the CRD, and as such, am a member of the board. Additionally, I have had other leadership experience at Penn State, as I served as chair of the Library Faculty Organization from 2014-2015. I am running for Vice-Chair/Chair-elect because I do have experience leading and collaborating within statewide organizations, and would enjoy this opportunity to further advocate for libraries in Pennsylvania.”

Jill Hallam-Miller

Candidate Statement: I am running for CRD Vice Chair because I see and want to develop opportunities for communication and collaboration between PaLA’s chapters, divisions, and roundtables, and I want to continue to support the efforts that this division’s current and previous leaders have begun.

Candidate Bio: Jill is the Blended Learning Librarian at the Ellen Clarke Bertrand Library at Bucknell University in Lewisburg. She has been involved in reference and instruction, and in incorporating technology into those realms, in academic libraries since 2010. Prior to her life in academic librarianship, she worked in the finance and insurance industries.

Jill earned her M.S.L.S. from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and her B.A. in Humanities from University of Maryland University College. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in educational technology through Boise State University.

Her PaLA activities include:

  • Archivist, College & Research Division, 2015-present
  • College & Research Division Connect & Communicate Series planning committee chair and CRD Board Member, 2014-present
  • Secretary/Treasurer, West Branch Chapter, March 2015-present
  • Secretary/Treasurer, South Central Chapter, 2013-2014

She has presented posters at the PaLA Conference, and at at ALA Annual Conference, and has presented at the LOEX and ACLCP conferences.

In addition to her PaLA activities, she is a member of ALA and ACRL, and has served ACRL as Chair/Co-Chair of the Distance Learning Section Discussion Group, is currently a co-editor of the Instruction Section Newsletter, and is incoming Vice Chair of the Instruction Section’s Communication Committee.

Jill is the West Branch Chapter’s nominee for sponsorship to the Pennsylvania Library Association Leadership Academy (PALS)  for 2016.


Christina Riehman-Murphy

Candidate Statement: Christina Riehman-Murphy is an Assistant Librarian at Penn State University Abington College. Combined with my previous experience as a high school teacher, circulation assistant and librarian at a Pennsylvania public library, and librarian at a small private university, I value the unique offerings of collections and place that libraries of all kinds hold for their patrons. Now as an academic librarian, I see my role on campus as that of both an expert matchmaker and scaffold disassembler who partners students and researchers of varying information literacy competencies with the information they seek while providing students with the tools they need to become their own expert researchers in their chosen fields. At Penn State I engage students via outreach and reference, introduce faculty to OERs, serve on the Committee for Internationalization and Diversity, and currently research gender issues and assessment of one-shot library instruction. I see college and research libraries as academic intermediaries for our campuses and see our work as core regardless of evolving formats or future platforms


**Ballots will be forthcoming in July and due back early August.**

Christina Steffy, MLIS, AHIP
Chair, Pa Library Association College & Research Division

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  1. October 11, 2016 8:42 pm

    So who won the election?

    • Christina Steffy permalink
      October 12, 2016 12:17 pm

      Jill won the vice chair election. Also, Christina was running un-opposed so she will be our secretary. They will assume their roles in January 2017.

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