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Registration is Open: CRD 2016 Spring Workshop

April 25, 2016

CRD 2016 Spring Workshop
Critical Pedagogy and Information Literacy Instruction
Friday May 20th
Marywood University, Scranton, Pa

Please see flyer for registration information: CRD_spring_2016_flyer_updated (2)

Description: With the introduction of the new ACRL framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, librarians are now looking for ways to explore “interconnecting core concepts” in instruction rather than only focusing on developing a skill set. As we investigate these opportunities, one of the paths that has been identified to achieve this goal is critical pedagogy for information literacy instruction. According to Maria T. Accardi, Associate Librarian and Coordinator of Instruction and Reference at Indiana University Southeast, Critical pedagogy is “a theory and framework that envisions education as a site for social change. The ultimate goal of critical pedagogy is for students to achieve critical consciousness about societal oppression and then become equipped to change the world.” Librarians are beginning to look at the environment that surrounds information and challenge students to explore beyond search but rather discover and address the ecosystem that interacts with information.

The 2016 CRD workshop will showcase keynote speakers Andrea Baer from Indiana University and Emily Drabinski from Long Island University and breakout sessions from PA libraries who have worked with this concept in developing information literacy instruction. The entire program is geared toward academic libraries and attendees will gain value insight into this important topic.

Keynote: Andrea Baer

Andrea Baer recently joined the University of West Georgia as an Instructional Services Librarians at the University of West Georgia. Formerly she was the Undergraduate Education Librarian at Indiana University Libraries. Andrea also teaches professional development courses on information literacy education at Library Juice Academy. Prior to becoming a librarian Andrea instructed college courses in English composition, literature, and language at the University of Washington while completing her Ph.D. in comparative literature. Her teaching and research are strongly informed by her range of classroom experiences, as well as by her interest in critical pedagogy and writing studies. She also holds a Master of Information Sciences degree from the University of Tennessee.

Andrea frequently facilitates workshops for librarians and teaching faculty on information literacy instruction and presents at conferences on information literacy and librarian-faculty partnerships. Her publications include “Critical Information Literacy in the College Classroom: Exploring Scholarly Knowledge Production through the Digital Humanities” (in Information Literacy and Social Justice: Radical Professional Praxis, 2013) and “Why Do I Have to Write That?: Compositionists Find Disconnections between Student and Instructor Conceptions of Research Writing and its Purpose” (Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Journal, 2014). Andrea’s forthcoming book Information Literacy, Writing Studies, and Pedagogy: Research (and Teaching) as Conversation (Library Juice Press, 2016) explores the intersections between writing and library instruction and the potential for further growing partnerships between librarians and writing instructors.

Keynote: Emily Drabinski

Emily Drabinski is Coordinator of Instruction at Long Island University, Brooklyn. She is co-editor of Critical Library Instruction: Theories and Methods (Library Juice Press, 2011). She sits on the board of Radical Teacher, a journal of feminist, socialist, and anti-racist teaching practice, and edits Gender & Sexuality in Information Studies, a book series from Library Juice Press/Litwin Books. In 2015, she won the Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year Award for “Toward a Kairos of Library Instruction,” published in the Journal of Academic Librarianship in 2015.

For more information, contact:
Leslie Worrell Christianson, MLIS
Vice Chair of PaLA College and Research Division
User Services Librarian, Assistant Professor
Marywood University

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