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Lend a Hand

July 3, 2015

In my last post…”Ready, Set Fail!”…I discussed the idea that building a ‘making’ component into your library’s services/programs could seem daunting and fiscally difficult, but that even baby steps toward creating an atmosphere of collaborative creation could yield surprising results. In response to this idea I have heard from a few of our readers and their stories of triumph (YAY! GA Tech for using ‘making’ as a common platform for art/design majors to blend with Engineering students and afford each a fuller perspective for their efforts), but last I was blown away by a group from
e-Nable showing how we can put this technology and spirit of making to good use.

Beginning as a collaboration between a prop-maker and a carpenter from South Africa to provide a prosthetic for a small boy (watch the YouTube video HERE), e-Nable is a non-profit organization consisting of a growing community of designers, fabricators and volunteers focused on using the Maker movement and its associated technologies to craft and share low-cost prosthetic limbs for children in need globally. This FANTASTIC idea provides not only a purposeful platform for demonstrating a wider array of uses for 3D printers and maker-devices, but allows those blessed with access and ability to leverage their time for an incredibly worthwhile pursuit.


Anyone interested in volunteering their time, energy or Maker resources are able to get started by visiting or joining their Google+ Community.

We all work very hard every day for the betterment of our students and patrons. Let’s pitch in here to help THEM make a difference while they learn!

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