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Middle States Standards for Higher Education Town Hall Meeting

March 26, 2014

I am posting this on behalf of Russell Hall, PSU Associate Librarian, regarding his attendance at a town hall meeting about Middle States standards for higher education:

“At the town hall meeting I went to last week, the good news is that the chair of the committee stated that information literacy would be put back into the standards in the next revision. The bad news is that libraries are not mentioned at all in the document. The way I see it, this could jeopardize our standing in not just our institution, but across higher education.  What you can do, and I urge you to do this, is email your comments about why libraries deserve specific and explicit mention in the new standards. The goal of the new standards is to focus on the student learning experience and student learning outcomes, so if you can tie your comments to those concepts, it’s likely you’ll make more of an impact.”

Also of possible interest related to this is Steven Bell’s post for the ACRL Insider Blog about this issue from February:

For more information about the Middle States rough draft:

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