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What Students Remember About Librarians.

January 21, 2014

Last month, the Huffington Post Canada featured a post by Teacher/Blogger Lori Gard, asking readers to reflect on what they “remember most” about their teachers. Although her discussion is directed at a more traditional teacher student relationship, the topic begs the question – when our students look back at their experiences in the library, what will they remember most about librarians? Will they remember Boolean operators and advanced search strategies? Interlibrary loan or express printing stations? Perhaps. Or, at least we hope! But they will certainly remember the person that took the time to help answer their questions and made them feel heard.

As we begin our spring semesters and commence the inevitable instruction sessions and references exchanges, perhaps it might do us well to take a moment to reflect on Lori’s advice. “Because we want our students to think we’re the very best at what we do and we believe that this status of excellence is achieved merely by doing. But we forget – and often. Excellence is more readily attained by being. Being available. Being kind. Being compassionate.Being transparent. Being real.Being thoughtful.Being ourselves.”

This spring, how will you be?

Image c/o Washing State Libraries and Aaron J. Louie

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