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New issue of Communications in Information Literacy

December 11, 2012

Communications in Information Literacy is a refereed electronic journal dedicated to advancing knowledge, theory, and research in information literacy. Their newest issue has recently been released and can be accessed on their website.

A list of the articles which appear in the new issue is below, but one article might be of special interest considering the importance being placed on proving our value. That is the article called: “Measuring the Impact of Library Instruction on Freshmen Success and Persistence: A Quantitative Analysis” .This article “analyzes two years of academic and demographic data  in an attempt to quantify the effect of librarian-led one-shot classroom instruction on students’ grade point averages and their likelihood of returning to school for the sophomore year.”
Results showed that “Although the data do not provide evidence of a direct connection between library instruction and student retention, library instruction does appear to have a small measurable correlation with student performance.”

Table of Contents

Teaching Matters: The Necessity and Challenge of Teaching Information Ethics (editorial)

Notes from the Field: 10 Short Lessons on One-Shot Instruction

Rethinking Information Literacy in a Globalized World

Information Literacy on the Web: How College Students Use Visual and Textual Cues to Assess Credibility on Health Websites

Measuring the Impact of Library Instruction on Freshmen Success and Persistence: A Quantitative Analysis

Collaboration and Problem-Based Learning: Integrating Information Literacy into a Political Science Course

Embedding Affective Learning Outcomes in Library Instruction

Considering Information Literacy Skills and Needs: Designing Library Instruction for the Online Learner

Predictors of Student’s Attitudes toward Science Literacy

Engineering Integration: Building a Quick and Effective Faculty Seminar


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