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How College Graduates Solve Information Problems Once they Join the Workplace

October 18, 2012

A few days ago Project Information Literacy released a new research report called “Learning Curve: How College Graduates Solve Information Problems Once they Join the Workplace.”

The findings are based on interviews with 23 different employers in the U.S. and 33 “recent graduates” from four different college and the universities. The report hopes to give readers a deeper understanding about the different kinds of research strategies students need and are expected to have on the job and as lifelong learners.

According to the report abstract, the study found that  “there is a distinct difference between today’s graduates who demonstrated how quickly they found answers online and seasoned employers who needed college hires to use a combination of online and traditional methods to conduct comprehensive research”

This report is the first in a new research initiative at PIL called the “The Passage Studies.” These studies investigate the information transitions young adults go through at critical junctures in their lives.

You can access a PDF of the full report at the following link:

For those who are not familiar with Project Information Literacy,  PIL is a “public benefit nonprofit dedicated to conducting ongoing, large-scale research about early adults and their research habits.” There are many more publications and even videos and “smart talks” on their website. Well worth a look!

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