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ACRL–Petition to start a LIS education Interest Group

July 11, 2012

As a state with several Library Schools programs, the following announcement, which was posted a few days ago to the ACRL’s Collib-L e-mail list, seemed very relevant and also timely. Academic Librarianship is changing fast, and it benefits every library to think about how these changes are reflected in the education the discipline is providing to new librarians. After all, these individuals will become our co-workers and professional colleagues!


Colleagues – at ALA Annual, several of us discussed the current composition of ACRL sections, interest groups, discussion groups, etc., and noted a surprising absence: there appeared to be no formal structure for promoting discussion and programming related to Library and Information Science (LIS) education, even though many ACRL members are directly related in LIS education efforts through our work as adjunct faculty, field experience supervisors, alumni board membership, etc.

To provide a formal venue for engaging all academic librarians as well as LIS educators who are interested and/or involved in LIS education as a facet of their professional work, we have launched a petition to establish an ACRL Library and Information Science (LIS) Education Interest Group.

If you would like to sign the petition and see the LIS Education Interest Group established, please sign the petition available at:

 Please note that you need to be a current ACRL member to sign the petition, and that you will need to log into the site using your ALA login. Also, please note that you must use Internet Explorer to access the e-petition site.

Scott Walter, University Librarian, DePaul University



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