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State of the State Networks

October 17, 2007

State of the State Networks
James Hollinger, Acting Director of Library Development, Office of Commonwealth Libraries
Chris Matire, Director of Strategic Partnerships, PALINET
Dan Iddings, Executive Director of PALCI
Joseph Scorza, Executive Director, HSLC

James Hollinger spoke first.
-Looking at and discussing Open Source initiative for ILS, following Georgia PINES – possibly using one library card for entire state, bypassing need for ILL.
-Also looking at content management technologies for library web sites (like Oregon’s).
-Commissioner of Libraries is interested in providing leadership in preservation of library materials; developing a model for what a position might look like; what kind of leadership role can they provide; next few months should flesh out more
-Continuing education
-Providing network for small, rural libraries

Joe Scorza
-Access PA Millennium System – subsidized; now have over 80 libraries and adding 4-5 a month; separate databases, centralized authority control
-Access PA Digital Repository- have approx. 40 projects
-Federated Search – WebFeat Enterprise Edition, signed in April 2007; licensed as well as freely available databases; can search across metadata collections; are setting it up to search all Access PA Digital collections; primarily a public search tool; four interfaces, including Academic, recognizes IP; implementation Fall 2007; looking at a geo-location product, can connect from anywhere in PA; Access PA is looking at technology that will push users back to their own libraries
-Power Library – will be integrated into federated search systems; will provide access to both the new and old interfaces
AskHere PA Virtual Ref Service – 80+ libraries participate; over 47,000 questions since inception; Chat2 most recent software development (screen readers, Chat Lite)

Chris Martire, PALINET
-Collaborative efforts, 614 members, 4 areas: ed and consulting, technology leadership, consortial savings, member outreach & support
1-Education and Consulting 50-60 % of classes are ‘Live Online’; participate in WebJunction (training managed by OCLC); Network Education Exchange – bring back other workshops back to our area too; Access PA training
-Consulting – Disaster Preparedness; PALCI Libraries & Philadelphia Alliance for Response (Fidelity Foundation & Heritage Preservation)
-PA Advisory Committee on Collaborative Digitization; Laura Blanchard, Part-Time Coordinator, new approach to determine digitization priority; will be a Technical Issues Working Group (will be holding a Digitization Expo)

2-Technology Leadership: Podcasts (; Open Source Initiatives (software LibLimeKoha and Evergreen software, can get a discount; will be announcing other applications in a Technology Sandbox, cooperative effort with NELINETDSpace, etc.); Gates Opportunity Online Hardware grants – administer for PA; Technology Workshops (emerging technology, Web sites, specific workshops, etc.)

3-Consortial Savings – work closely with state groups: KLN, PALCI, VALE (NJ), MDL (MD) for academics; WorldCat on the Web Group Offer, negotiated a significant discount; establishing new groups: Hospital-wide groups serving smaller, private hospitals

4-Outreach & Support: PALINET Support Center (recruiting for additional staff); RLG Transition (for those libraries that had not been members of OCLC); bolstering communication via Member Spotlight Series & PALINET News E-Newsletter (weekly); PALINET Leadership Network – beta prototype at ALA in June 07, launching to members in early 2008, Walt Crawford will be taking a leadership role in the Leadership Network; PALINET Conference in Oct. in Baltimore (looking at a catalog futures)

Dan Iddings, PALCI
-New staff, John Barnett, new Full Time Director working in areas of collections, development; New offices in Library Services Building in Pittsburgh; New programs; New newsletter!

RapidILL – fast delivery of journal articles less than 24 hours; unmediated/automated discovery of article suppliers; unmediated delivery of articles to requesters; unmediated delivery of articles held in open source collections, delivery in less than 30 minutes; 6-8 libraries currently involved, including U of Penn and Marywood, Drexel, Lycoming, Rutgers, Kutztown
-membership now 72 libraries
-new from PALINET, PACSCL & PALCI (3Ps) – Pennsylvania Digital Library, conceived by the 3Ps, implemented by the University of Pittsburgh’s Univ of Library System, is now functional

Demo of the Pennsylvania Digital Library – Mike Bolam and Brian Gregg from U of Pitt
-statewide digital metadata depository
-have built on Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and are asking folks to let them know of digital collections so that they can be ‘harvested’
-Institutions can register their collections online, but if you’re a member of AccessPA Digital project, your materials will be going into it automatically
-If not registered with Open Archives Initiative, need to be sure that your data is OAI compliant; go to your vendor if not sure (strongly recommend registration with OAI) – it’s a good thing; then register with their site
-Once you’re registered, it is up to individual library to make sure records are displaying properly, etc.
-Need more data to be able to massage the system
-When you think of searching the system, think of it as a type of union catalog; it only contains the data records, doesn’t store the content, the better your description, the better your results; they can work with proprietary or copyrighted materials since only accessing metadata
-(Google had not been finding this stuff)

Q & A
-Can we let Google know or have them work? Will be looking at. Perhaps Google Scholar?
(Side note from Joe Scorza: Entire AccessPA database will be loaded into Google Books.)
-Commericial resources like Readex and Gale will not be harvested.

-Open Source: is everyone working together on these initiatives? Yes, they are talking among themselves; are aware of what each other is doing. There is some overlap…
Are creating some platforms to create some synergy…

-ILL – AccessPA is now using ILLiad

-Rapid ILL – works within ILLiad; designated groups (contact DanIddings for more info)

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