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Conference 101

June 23, 2007

Conference 101


I got to this program 10 minutes before it was scheduled to start and there wasn’t a free seat available. The room was set up with 15 tables, 10 chairs at a table. At least 50 more people eventually were seated around the room. Some dragged in chairs from another room. The President of the New Members Roundtable gave a little commercial about joining the Roundtable. Then a guy named Michael (I didn’t quite catch his last name) went through the program book telling us page numbers for all of the important things that we should know about–maps, schedules, freebies. He said that, being the librarian that he is, he organized all of the cards that he got in the mail from exhibitors by booth number. Silly me, I wasn’t even going to bring mine! Diner was great. We ate at a tapas restaurant. It’s a good thing that we had reservations because it was very crowded.

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